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1 April 2012: Scorcher Fest at The Duke of York

11 April 2012: Accoustic at The Duke of York

24 January 2012: Accoustic at The Metro

5 January 2012: Accoustic at The Duke of York

27 November 2011 :    Scorcher Fest!

5 November 2011 :   Generator, Reserve Hall, Blackwood

6 October 2011 :     The Metropolitan Hotel

25 August 2011 :   The Edinburgh Castle

2nd June 2011:   Higher Ground, Light Square

10th March 2011 :   The Jade Monkey

27th March2011 :   Scorcher Fest at The Duke of York Hotel



Compilation CD

Nothing to Undo has been invited to include a song on a compilation CD

“Austep Music Volume 7 – Australian Talent 2012”  to be released in April 2012. Will keep you posted!
"Kiss This Thing Goodbye" CD Launch

Sunday, January 16th, 2011 at The Promethean

The launch was stunning! The Promethean was rocked to it's roots and serenaded at sunset with the support of a fantastic crowd. To the band, love and eternal gratittude for all your hard work, you were brilliant! A huge thank you to everyone for supporting me in a very significant moment.

CD Launch Photos


Kiss this Thing Goodbye" CD now available at Blackwood Sound

We are pleased to announce that as well as being able to get our debut CD though online purchase or online download, it is also now available at Blackwood Sound.

Blackwood Sound
4 Coromandel Parade, Blackwood 5051
Ph: (08) 8278 6888